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DAO Labs Icons & Illustrations

Firm: Nicholas Matej
Illustrator: Nicholas Matej
Designer: Benjamin Poulin
Client/Publisher: DAO Labs
Link: Visit Website

DAO Labs is a company that seeks to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into the modern mainstream. They manufacture a series of daily supplements that each offer a unique health benefit. Their brand has just recently launched and they are currently offering a subscription-based service via their website and also maintain a prominent online presence.

I was contacted by SMAKK Studios from Brooklyn, New York to provide a series of illustrations, patterns, and icons that would help reinforce their branding campaign for DAO Labs. The work would be utilized on all DAO Labs packaging, online media platforms, and company stationery. The goal was to create imagery that evoked balance / symmetry using modern, geometric shapes. Ingredients from each formula were drawn and assembled into patterns that would showcase the product while also adding interest to the packaging.

This same style was carried over to a large set of icons that are used throughout the DAO Labs website and blog. Having a variety of different icons to choose from gave the client the flexibility they required when posting content or trying to convey instructions and specific information. Overall, My illustration works ended up having an integral role in establishing the DAO Labs brand and encapsulating the message they want to bring to their audience.

DAO Labs Icons & IllustrationsDAO Labs Icons & IllustrationsDAO Labs Icons & IllustrationsDAO Labs Icons & IllustrationsDAO Labs Icons & Illustrations

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