integrated campaign

Get Out the Vote

Firm: studio of Christine Wisnieski
Art Director: Christine Wisnieski
Designer: Christine Wisnieski
Designer: Lauren McAndrews
Designer: Jennifer Visocky O' Grady
Copywriter: Sarah Rutherford, AIGA
Printer: Repros
Printer: O' Neil Printing
Client/Publisher: AIGA

A professional association for design motivates the American public to vote.

Since 2000, AIGA has engaged communication designers in a nonpartisan voter mobilization campaign. At its core, GOTV is a collection of posters created by members inspiring citizens to vote and a series of nationwide exhibits.

In 2016, we partnered with the organization to create a campaign that would cut through the noise of election season. Use of iconic flag shapes, bold saturated color and uncomplicated typography communicate the simple and important message.

We built an impactful exhibit space that displayed member posters and communicated the story of the organization's Design for Democracy initiative. The inaugural exhibit was on display during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. A handful of pop-up exhibits followed throughout the country over the next few months.

Get Out the Vote Get Out the Vote Get Out the Vote Get Out the Vote

Partners & Sponsors

AIGA Cleveland is honored to host the biennial competition for the Cleveland design community through the generous support of our partners.