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I Wish My Country Spoke in One Voice

Firm: Individual
Designer: Grace Harms

Drawn to the idea of language as a form of national identity, I used the history of Quebec as well as the current political climate as inspiration for the posters. The design direction is reflective of clashing spoken words, in this case both English and French. Strong nationalist imagery, such as flags and national colors, aide in the visual expression of love of country.

The poster’s orientation plays a main role: when oriented in one direction, the English is more legible, despite the chaos of the upside down French, and vice versa when rotated 180º. The main headline “I wish my country spoke in one voice” urges Canadians to embrace and celebrate their two historic cultures with a collective tone, rather than a collective language.

I Wish My Country Spoke in One VoiceI Wish My Country Spoke in One Voice

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