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Panic Promotional Poster

Firm: Individual
Designer: Dean Sweetnich
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Panic Music Fest is an underground electronic music night hosting several artists to perform their trance-like music. Research gathered of the bands and the music showed emphasis toward a heavy mood and trance-like dance. To emulate the deep tones and rough synths of the music, I played with swiping gestures and typographic repetition. The typography became a textural quality that blends with the texture of the splattered paint. Juxtaposition of monospace repetition and organic paint portrays the roughened digital disruptions of music while simultaneously portraying a tactile surface.

The typography of the Panic Promotional Poster becomes an interpretation of energy, texture and surface. The plane of the poster is a peeling plane exposing the energy and music in another plane within. Through moments of intense speed, repetition, glitch and splice, the typography evokes a sense of hysteria in the same way as the music.

Panic Promotional PosterPanic Promotional PosterPanic Promotional PosterPanic Promotional Poster

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