2d design

Leaders make leaders

Firm: Little Jacket
Designer: Christian Woltman
Art Director: Roger Frank
Photographer: Paul Sobota
Client/Publisher: Open Doors Academy

For the last nine years, the Open Doors Academy annual report has been created with participation from the kids in the program through an Annual Report Summer Camp. These kids directly impact our messaging and learn about the crafts of storytelling, design and photography.

In 2018, the kids were lucky to meet a wide variety of community leaders from a bishop to a community activist to a C-suite executive. We collected the kid's observations on what leadership means as fodder for this year’s annual. It’s amazing how quickly kids learn.

Leaders make leadersLeaders make leadersLeaders make leadersLeaders make leadersLeaders make leaders

Partners & Sponsors

AIGA Cleveland is honored to host the biennial competition for the Cleveland design community through the generous support of our partners.